Satellite Phone In Pennsylvania

Satellite phone in Pennsylvania
satellite phone rental
Satellite Products

When your situation isn’t one where it makes sense purchase a satellite product(phone & Internet), you can opt to rent one instead. This is the perfect solution for short-term out of range contract work or an off the grid excursion. Renting a sat phone through Satphone Express is a cost-effective and simple process. (See just how easy it is here – no need to visit our store to get set up, just give us a call!)

Satellite Products

Sat phone Express offers a range of satellite products(phone & Internet) at various price points to meet your needs and budget. The satellite phones we offer for purchase start as low as $499. With a diverse set of service plans to choose from, including monthly, yearly and prepaid, you’ll get exactly what you require without paying for the extra that you don’t. You can rent a satellite phone for as little as $24.99 per week.