Globalstar GIK-1700-Parts Replacement Speaker for GIK1700 Antenna

Product Description

GlobalStar GSP-1700 Cradle (GIK-1700)

The TRANSKIT-1700 Transportable Car Kit does everything that the Globalstar Installation Kit (GIK-1700) does - provides in-vehicle and in-vessel operation of the Globalstar GSP-1700 mobile satellite phone (sold separately) - with the added bonus of being able to take the entire kit with you when you exit your vehicle or vessel. 

  • Electrical Requirement: 12 VDC nominal input voltage
  • RF Power Output: 0.794 watts maximum (+29.0 dBm)
  • Cradle Dimensions: 16.92 cm H x 7.33 cm W x 5.79 cm D
  • A convenient and safe way to make calls from your vehicle or vessel
  • GIK-1700 charges the GSP-1700’s battery when the handset is connected to the GIK-1700
  • Utilize data functionality with the GSP-1700 connected to the GIK-1700 while recharging the handset battery
  • Easily access the audio output jack to use with your favorite headset or add a Bluetooth adaptor for wireless freedom