Inmarsat Explorer 300/500 Battery

Product Description

Product Description

The Cogham BGAN Explorer 300/500 battery is a rechargeable lithium ion battery used with the Thrane 300 and 500 BGAN terminals. It is always a good idea to carry an extra charged battery when working in remote destinations. This allows you to have the safety of being able to stay out longer and also be prepared if something is to happen to the other battery. The battery gives you up to 3 hours of calling time and 36 hours of standby time.



- Battery type: Lithium ion
- Rechargeable Voltage: 10.8 V 
- Capacity: 2.2 mAh 
- Time between recharging Standby time: 36 hours Standard call: 3 hours Premium voice call: 1 hour 30 minutes Download Streaming 128 kbps: 3 hours 30 minutes Upload Streaming 128 kbps: 2 hours 15 minutes
Part# 403686L or TT-3686L

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